Lib Dems welcome extra funding for pothole repair

by admin on 20 June, 2014

South Gloucestershire Liberal Democrats have welcomed today’s announcement by the Coalition Government that South Gloucestershire will receive an extra £607,000 towards repairing local potholes.

This new funding is in addition to the £479,000 announced in May to help repair damage caused by the winter weather. This means that, in total, South Gloucestershire will receive an additional £1.086 million this year to tackle road works, on top of its existing 2014-15 road maintenance funding of just over £4.12 million.

Local Lib Dem spokesperson for transport, Councillor Pat Hockey said: “This will be welcome news for all South Gloucestershire residents and road users. It’s good to see South Gloucestershire getting a fair share of central government funding.

“We saw some of the worst weather on record this winter and I am pleased that the Government has recognised the strain this has taken on our local roads.”

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