Tormarton Deserves Better

by admin on 19 January, 2012

Tormarton deserves better

South Gloucestershire Council and the Highways Authority will discuss the future use of the Tormarton rest area on the A46 on Wednesday (18th January 2012).

The rest area is an important facility for both drivers on the A46, and long-distance hikers on the Cotswold Way.  The Highways Agency has proposed to remove the toilet facilities, and to leave the limited Park & Share site as it is rather than expand.

Cllr Sue Hope (Liberal Democrat, Cotswold Edge) said: “We’ve were promised an expansion of the land available for Park and Share many years ago and nothing’s ever been done –it would reduce congestion, reduce pollution, remove parking from the surrounding verges; if we can bite the bullet now, and spend a small amount of money, it would be a win for everybody involved.  It’s a popular, well-used site, and we have the ability to expand to meet demand.  Together with Tormarton Parish Council, we are going to push hard to have this done.

“The toilet facilities in the same area are crucial to comfort and convenience – this isn’t just a car park, it’s a stop on the beautiful Cotswold Way, where hikers can refresh themselves. The toilet facilities have been closed for some time, and we are looking at rebuilding a proper facility in the most cost-effective way.  It’s ludicrously unrealistic to tell hikers they can go to Bath to use a toilet.  Anything other than a proper block will be unsanitary and unpleasant.”


For further information, contact Cllr Sue Hope on 01454238673

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