Liberal Democrats demand answers on bus shelter

by admin on 19 January, 2012

Liberal Democrats demand answers on bus shelter

Liberal Democrat Councillors on South Gloucestershire Council today (18th January) demanded to know why long-neglected Yate bus station still isn’t finished.

The new shelter has been promised, and then delayed several times by the ruling Conservatives.  The most recent promise was that it would be completed by December 23rd.

Cllr Mike Robbins (North Yate, Liberal Democrat) said: The panes of glass haven’t arrived.  Instead of a light, there’s a piece of string to attach to a cable in the future.  There’s no real-time information, the sheets that are there are unreadable for anyone in a wheelchair, and are frequently wrong.  There’s no CCTV, the base of the shelter is off the ground so it’ll always be windy.  Even after people suffer through this, there’s no signage, no hints how to get to other parts of the town.  It’s just appalling, you couldn’t make it up.  We’ve been waiting 18 months for this so far, is it even going to be finished by next winter?”

Cllr Dafydd Holbrook (Dodington, Liberal Democrat) said: “This whole saga has been bodged from beginning to end.  The ruling Tories say they can’t press for punitive or restorative compensation, despite the shelter being badly designed, badly built, ripped down, started over, and still wrong.  The Tory Cllrs have to be smarter when signing contracts, and make sure that if things go this wrong in future, we can get our money back.”


For further information, contact:

Cllr Mike Robbins – [email protected] 01454 864094

Cllr Dafydd Holbrook – [email protected]

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