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Council report shows that scrapping green bin charge would mean millions in service cuts

by admin on 9 September, 2014

A Council report, commissioned to investigate Conservative claims that the green waste charge could be scrapped without additional cost to the taxpayer, has come back with a categorical answer – the Tory plan would, in fact, cost at least £1.2 million a year, which would have to be paid for by cuts to other services. 

Despite having requested the report in June, the Conservative councillors tonight voted to ignore its findings at a meeting of South Gloucestershire’s Communities Committee.

Liberal Democrat recycling spokesperson, Claire Young said: “It’s disappointing that the Conservatives are still trying to mislead the public over green bins rather than facing up to reality. This report sets out in black and white that the Conservatives’ idea of collecting bins from early in the morning until late at night would actually cost more than it saved!

“Faced with that, the Conservatives have yet again resorted to vague statements about finding the money through “efficiency savings” – but have no plans whatsoever. This is nothing but a cheap stunt by the Tories.”

Cllr Young added, “It is astonishing that in the very same meeting they failed to support a waste saving that wouldn’t affect the public. With millions more pounds of savings still needed it’s time for them to stop playing irresponsible political games.”

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