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Extra computers for libraries

by Claire Young on 19 March, 2014

Local libraries will have extra computers thanks to the Lib Dems on South Gloucestershire Council.

At this evening’s full council meeting, members approved a £67 million programme of capital spending. The Liberal Democrats proposed using £10k to buy additional computers for Yate, Patchway, Staple Hill, Cadbury Heath and Filton libraries.

Liberal Democrat leader Ruth Davis said, “Increasingly people are being asked to do everything online – applying for jobs, accessing universal credit, even children doing their homework – but not everyone can do this at home. It’s vital we remove barriers to employment and education so all our residents can benefit from the improving economy. The extra computers will help more people to get online at our local libraries.”

“For the same reason, we also welcome the extra funding for faster broadband, which will improve internet access for our residents, especially in our rural areas. Running a successful business these days is hard if you don’t have excellent internet acess and this will be a great boost to our economy.”

She added, “If more people can access council services online, it also helps the council to be more efficient. Many of the projects we approved tonight are aimed at making the council more cost effective. I particularly welcome the projects that combine this with helping the environment, such as the solar farms, energy saving in schools and LED street lighting.”

The four desktops and eight laptops will be supplied to the libraries for public use in the coming year.

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